CHARODEITSI Ltd. has authored the idea of disseminating knowledge and information about the enormous potentialities of a unique plant, topinambur (earth apple), in Bulgaria. The aims of the project are apparent from the title. Our company, in close conjunction with the research team of the University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv, works successfully towards the introduction of topinambur as a valuable raw material in a number of different industries.

The plant is now industrially processed within the framework of the “Topinambur in Bulgaria” project, which has led to new trends in the food and pharmaceutical industries, phytotherapeutics, and other sectors. The objectives are achieved by a completely closed-cycle process:

– Provision of ecologically clean raw material, grown on a biological farm

– Processing of the raw material and making it suitable for subsequent use in manufacturing

– Provision of ideas for manufacturing a wide range of products: dried vegetable mixes, muesli, bread and dough products, food extracts, extruded food products, etc.

– Provision of technical instructions and recipes

– Technology implementation