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Topinambur! What can it do?

Treatment with topinambur contributes to the detoxification of the body on cellular level and the gradual normalization of the metabolic processes

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Topinambur in food industry

What is unique about topinambur?! In the developed countries of Western Europe (Germany, France, Belgium), in Japan, the USA and Canada foods are supplemented with an invaluable fiber: INULIN. It has been proven to regulate the blood sugar, prevent a number of diseases, and cure gastrointestinal disorders by creating a natural environment for the bifidobacteria that are of vital importance for the human body. Inulin is used around the world to manufacture medicines for osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Topinambur is a natural source of pure inulin. The inulin content of the variety cultivated since 2003 by us is about 70 % of the total dry matter. What is more, topinambur is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, vitamins, amino acids, including essential amino acids. We have researches, analyses and recipes, which we could provide to interested individuals or companies at mutually beneficial conditions.

Topinambur and diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most serious problems in clinical medicine today. It is the third major cause of mortality after cardiovascular and oncological diseases. During the last years there has been an increase in diabetes morbidity worldwide. Over 20 million people in the world suffer from diabetes. This number is particularly high in the USA (two million). There is one region, however, where people have never had symptoms of this disease. In the valley of the Kuban River doctors have not diagnosed a single case of diabetes for the last hundred years. The local population in this region traditionally includes large quantities of topinambur in their daily diets. Thus, unpremeditatedly and without realizing it, the people living on the banks of the great river undergo powerful prophylaxis against diabetes and other illnesses.

Applications of topinambur

CHARODEITSI Ltd. provides business ideas and opportunities for expansion of the product range in the areas of food manufacturing (bread making, canning industry, dairy industry, etc), fodder production, pharmaceutical industry, phytotherapeutics, bioenergetics, chemical industry. We are the only bioproducer of topinambur – a plant non-indigenous for Bulgaria, cultivated on Biological farm No 086001. Here are some of its applications


Culinary wonders

Foods and dishes made with dried topinambur. They bring variety to our table and supplement our bodies with valuable biologically active substances.


Popular medicine

Modern-day phytotherapy offers unlimited possibilities for effective treatment with medicinal herbs and products obtained after their processing.


Green mass /SPA/ bio

The stalks and leaves of topinambur enhance the health and beauty.


Material for various production purposes

Prepared from the tubers, it is a high quality animal feed with 250 – 300 fodder units per ton.


We offer: processed raw material in several successful formulations, developed under the guidance of Prof. L. Genchev, Sc.D..

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