University of food technologies – Plovdiv


At the idea of CHARODEITSI Ltd. a series of interesting experiments were conducted in the laboratories of the University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv, which proved the numerous possibilities for using topinambur.

* Extensive research on using topinambur as a sorption product for purification of wines under the supervision of Associate Professor Dr. N. Kirchev and Associate Professor Dr. I. Panchev. We have amounts available for marketing purposes.

* Extremely successful extrusion of dried topinambur under the supervision of Professor Lambrev, which reveals serious possibilities for manufacturers of snacks, chipsticks, etc. as well as for a diabetic series of these products.

* Thanks to our partnership with Russian researchers and manufacturers of topinambur, our company holds all the rights on a set of technological instructions for the manufacture of health and diabetic bread. We invited Associate Professor Dr. Marianna Baeva (Technical University – College of Sliven) to carry out tests with topinambur flour for making sponge cake rolls, with which we took part on the Via Expo Sofia in 2006, and at a conference dedicated to topinambur in Italy in 2007. Following the technological instructions of the Russian experts and using her creative imagination, Dr. Baeva obtained a very good product with a serious potential for realisation on the Bulgarian market.

* In 2006, a pilot series of topinambur juice was specially produced at the Institute of Canning Industry for our company, which can be used as a component in the manufacture of soft drinks with specific functional purposes.

* Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Kirchev and Assoc. Prof. Dr. I. Panchev experimented to make ethanol and analyzed the efficiency of the specific technology.

* On assignment by CHARODEITSI Ltd. a technology for making ice cream with topinambur and fructose supplements was tested. The product has a great potential on the market for diabetics. We have at our disposal results from the commercial manufacture carried out in the ice cream workshop of DELBI Ltd. in the town of Parvomai.

* Experiments for making baked chips with different flavours were conducted at the Department of Canning Technology with the cooperation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zahari Velchev.

* Assoc. Prof. Dr. I. Panchev and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marianna Baeva conducted tests aimed at improving the texture, organoleptic properties and reduction of the calorie levels of dough products with topinambur flour.

At the suggestion of and with the full cooperation of CHARODEITSI Ltd. Naiden Delchev PhD developed dissertation work on topinambur under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Eng. Pantelei Denev and team: Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Kirchev and Assoc. Prof. Dr. I. Panchev.