Uses of topinambur


Use of topinambur in melted cheese manufacture

State University of Low Temperature and Food Technologies
St. Petersburg
O. Popova

The specific chemical composition of topinambur (high inulin content and a variety of vitamins and mineral substances) makes it a suitable raw material for a wide range of products with curative and prophylactic functions. The presence of pectin substances, potassium, and the ability of topinambur not to absorb radioactive strontium and heavy metal salts are of special interest. The aim of this work was to develop technology for making melted cheese with topinambur flour and to study its effect on the organoleptic and rheological properties of melted cheese. The cheese mass contains ripe cheese, non-fat milk flour, low-fat curds, butter, topinambur flour and several other specific components. The pasty product obtained has uniform elastic texture, normal colour and rich flavour.