Dried topinambur


When dried, the earth apple becomes an extremely convenient ingredient for various home-made foods. Owing to its technological properties, dried topinambur is widely used for making different remedies, functional, dietary products and diet foods for diabetic patients.
Food assortment: flour, chips (muesli)
Type of product:
100 % natural product without additives or preservatives
Raw material:
The product is made by a special technology of processing topinambur (earth apple) – HELIANTHUS TUBEROSUS L. The raw material is obtained exclusively from the tubers of biologically cultivated plants. BIOCERTIFICATE – BALKAN BIOCERT
HELIANTHUS TUBEROSUS L. is a unique plant, capable of self-defense. It does not accumulate nitrates, heavy metals or radioactive elements. Its ecological purity remains practically unaffected by the environment, and the foods in which it is included as an ingredient obtain valuable functional curative and prophylactic properties owing to its exceptional chemical composition.

Main function of the product: Owing to its diverse chemical composition, abundance of fibers, proteins, and especially to its high inulin content the earth apple lends curative and prophylactic properties to foods. Inulin is a natural regulator of blood sugar and the regular consumption of inulin-rich foods carries a powerful curative and prophylactic effect in the battle with diabetes. Inulin-rich foods have a favourable effect especially in patients with Type 2 diabetes as they maintain the carbohydrate metabolism in a natural way. Regular daily intakes of inulin help patients with Type 1 diabetes to become less insulin-dependent and boost their general immunity.

Purposes and uses of dried topinambur. It is used as:
– ingredient in food manufacturing

component in the production of biologically active supplements.
The foods containing earth apple are directed towards the following target groups of consumers:
*Individuals who prefer health and multifunctional food * Fitness enthusiasts * Pregnant and lactating women * People suffering from: diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, disbacteriosis, viral hepatitis. Inulin successfully stimulates bifido and lactic acid bacteria, which represent the normal intestinal microflora, and is therefore especially efficient against constipation and gastrointestinal diseases. It restores the intestinal microflora, regulates the carbohydrate metabolism, and lowers cholesterol levels. It also normalizes the body weight in obesity-related illnesses. A product with multifunctional properties, dried topinambur is suitable to be included as an ingredient in the following areas of the food manufacturing industry:
-bread, dough and confectionery products

The use of dried topinambur allows reduced sugar and energy contents in foods.
In bread baking, the process of bread making is intensified. Dough elasticity and structure is improved. The level of the most tightly bound moisture increases. The staling process slows down, making the shelf live of the product longer.

There are recipes and technological instructions for the manufacture of various kinds of bread, biscuits, chipsticks, chocolate, glazed cookies, muesli, etc. supplemented with dried topinambur.

– dairy products
Extracts of milk-based (from whey, ayran, milk) dried topinambur are used for manufacturing dairy products like milk drinks, desserts, cottage cheese products, whose prophylactic action covers a broad spectrum of diseases: gastritis, ulcer, disbacteriosis, diabetes, obesity, onchological diseases, etc.
– drinks
Topinambur extracts are used for making soft drinks, mixes, syrops, concentrates, infusions. In beer and other soft drinks manufacture the abundant content of polysaccharides in the topinambur powder (about 70%) is especially important.
– meat products
It is considered expedient to include dried topinambur in recipes for cooked sausages.
Dried topinambur powder is included in recipes for various kinds of sausages made from different kinds of meat. Optimal dose: 5 % of the meat used in your traditional sausage recipe is replaced with dried topinambur. Expected effect: improved fat : protein ratio; the desirable fresh colour and general appearance of the product is maintained for a longer period; reduction of residual nitrate levels in meat; supplementing the starter product with potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, vitamins; increase in the essential amino acid content; significant increase in the level of the water-binding ability of the final product, which stops the process of staling (deterioration) of the sausage; increase in the amount of the starting product (swelling coefficient of the powder 4.9 – 5.0 /
– canning industry: sauces, jams, mayonnaise, etc. depending on the creativity and innovative thinking of the technologist working at the factory. Technological recommendations are provided.

Dried topinambur is used for direct consumption as a natural product with a wide complex of components of natural origin. It is completely ready for home use.
Dried topinambur can be sprinkled on every cooked dish before consumption or added to soups before removing from the fire; it can be sprinkled on top of cakes minutes before taking out of the oven, or added and stirred into creams at the end of their preparation; it can be mixed with yogurt, milk, etc.

Main characteristics:


-Flour-like mass or tiny pale brown pieces
-Distinctive aroma reminiscent of rapeseed oil
-Distinctive sweet flavour

-Relative moisture content 6-10 %
-Water insoluble
-Swelling coefficient 4, 5 – 5, 0


1. – Balanced content of macro- and microelements:
Iron (up to 12 mg %), silicon (up to 8 mg %), zinc (up to 500 mg %), magnesium (up to 30 mg %), potassium (up to 200 mg %), manganese (up to 45 mg %), phosphorus (up to 500 mg %), calcium (up to 40 mg %).
– High content of vitamin ? and B-group vitamins.
2. High content of organic polyoxyacids (6-8 % of total dry matter) such as citric, malic, malonic, succinic acid (amber) and fumaric acids, which together with vitamin C have a strong antioxidant action.
3. Relatively high protein content (3.2 % of total dry matter) represented by 16 amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids which are not synthesized in the human body.
4. Pectin content (about 11 % of the total dry matter)
5. High concentration of inulin (70 %), composed of 95 % of fructose

Dried topinambur is available in bulk or in 0,300; 0,600; 2,00; 25,00 kg packages.

Measures (flour and powder):
tea cup: 250 g
water glass: 200 g
teaspoonful: 7 g
tablespoonful: 20 g

Measures (chips):
Four full teaspoons – 20 g

Storage. Package

– Best before 18 months from date of manufacture
– Storage temperature: -20 +20 ºC
– Stored in polyethylene bags, plastic boxes

Trade mark: Protenergin